Indulge in Life’s Sweet Moments with Our Ice Cream Delights – A Success Story of a Lifestyle Brand

Business Description:

The ice cream brand takes pride in creating over 40 unique and original flavours. The products are made without GMO fillers, Soy, or Rice, one of America’s largest producers. 100% Almond Flour. The company wants everyone to enjoy her treats with less guilt, so they specially designed recipes to use less sugar. With only 7-9 grams of sugar per macaron, depending on flavour. Low in Sodium than most treats and only 2-3 grams of fat per serving.
A brand needs to be made aware among the customers that an e-commerce conversion campaign is needed. They find it problematic to create a Return on ad spend and awareness for the brand that these are not ordinary Oreos. Products of the brand are a million times better.
The brand’s goal is to expand and get a high revenue base online and through retail locations. It aims to improve brand awareness and maintain the Return on ad spend (ROAS).
Budget allocated for the campaign is a monthly budget of 2000 dollars.
Strategy for the brand has been categorized into three main stages:
Awareness: – Top of the Funnel (TOF)
Consideration: – Middle of the Funnel (MOF)
Conversion/Decision – Bottom of the Funnel (BOF)
Stage 1: Awareness
At this awareness stage, our goal is to attract a new audience. We created the traffic campaign using a single image and video ads.
We aim to drive traffic to the website and target prospective customers who have never heard of the brand before.
Major reasons behind it:
  • To build the audience
  • To generate interest in the brand products
  • To make maximum people aware of the brand and what they sell.

Five major key metrics are taken into consideration and analyzed:
Key MetricsPerformance
Clicks 18925
Amount Spent $1597.47
Stage 2: Consideration
At this stage, we aim to turn prospects into leads by collecting their data for further nurturing at the consideration stage. We created a view content campaign using video and single-image ads.
Our goal is to use warmed-up audiences from the previous stage’s data and get them interested enough to want to try out the product.
Major reasons behind it:
  • To use to warm up audiences
  • To convert them into the purchase
Stage 3: Conversion
At the Conversion stage, our focus is to convert the leads generated from the previous stages into paying customers.
We have now started selling directly to our hot audience, who have already been introduced to our brand, shown interest, and built trust in our products.
Five major key metrics are taken into consideration and analyzed:
Key MetricsPerformance
Reach 36953
Clicks 3157
Six major key metrics are taken into consideration and analyzed:
Key Metrics Performance
Reach 4925
Best Performing Ads
Let’s have a look towards the best-performing ads of the business.
After completion of the e-commerce campaign, we successfully achieved brand awareness among the target clients and accomplished our goal. Furthermore, we were able to maintain an impressive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 7.7X.