Excel Construction Group - Driving Growth with Website Development and Paid Ads

About the client:

Our client Excel Construction Group (CG), provides residential and commercial roofing and construction services across various locations in the United States. They have +26 years of experience and specialize in new construction, roofing, remodelling, and maintenance services. Excel Construction Group also offers solar services for residential and commercial roofing.

Where we were

Excel Construction Group witnessed a challenge regarding website speed and UI/UX design. Also, despite having divisions, the company needs more online visibility and search rankings in Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma. It became crucial for a company to address all these issues, which was possible through collaboration with Adeptimize. Our expertise in optimizing website speed and running effective paid ads campaigns was crucial in achieving these goals.

How we progressed

At Adeptimize, we analyzed the website and understood the required changes for the website. Our team worked to redesign the website to give it a more modern and minimalist look that can easily promote readability and simplicity. Speed optimization and location-based popups of the website were done to make it easier for customers. Through paid ads, we introduced paid campaigns to improve traffic and generate leads for specific zip codes. We followed the paid ads campaign strategy to improve the overall lead generation with high-quality leads. Adeptimize ensured that Excel Construction Group’s ads reached a broad audience and generated quality leads.

Where we are

We have worked on the Excel Construction Group website for the development section and paid ads strategies. We have resolved the issues that can better be understood with good results.

Website results

Now, the website loads much faster, which leads to a better user experience, and decreases bounce rates. Improvements have helped us to serve our users better while also improving the effectiveness of our website as a marketing and sales tool for the business. To understand the differences in design, let’s look at the old and new website designs of Excel CG.
Old website of Excel CG
New website of Excel CG

Paid Ad campaigns results

Let’s look at the growth percentage of Excel Construction Group Paid Campaigns (Google Ads). The image below shows the lead rate and lead quality of different locations.

Final Thoughts

Excel Construction Group saw a remarkable improvement in their online presence and lead generation with the valuable support and guidance from Adeptimize. Initially, Excel Construction Group’s website lacked speed, resulting in low conversion rates and poor visibility in search results. However, with Adeptimize’s expertise in optimizing website speed and running paid ads campaigns, we were able to generate top-notch leads for Excel Construction Group.
We completely revamped the website, giving it a modern and minimalist look that enhances readability and simplicity. The strategic combination of website development, including speed optimization and user experience enhancement, along with well-executed paid ads campaigns, played a pivotal role in achieving these outstanding results.