Ulrich Lifestyle: Enhancing Lead Generation, Online Presence and Driving Business Growth

About the client:

Our client Ulrich’s lifestyle offers families comfort and ease of living through sheds, cabins, garages, and outdoor living structures in California, Texas, and Virginia. They’ve been operating their business for more than 250 years and are known for offering 5-star resolutions to their clients. Ulrich is popular among locals, but they have struggled for potential leads from their customers.

Where We Were

Ulrich Lifestyle dealt with some critical challenges that need immediate attention as they impact their business. Major challenges were slow website speed, low conversion rates and a need for improvement in Google Search Results. It becomes crucial to address these issues to enhance their online presence, grab more customers and improve overall business performance.

How We Progressed

At Adeptimize, we evaluated the website condition to check how to improve loading times. Our specialist determined that the previous website was built using the Elementor plugin, which increased loading time. We revamped the site using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and Javascript. For appearing in local searches for Ulrich in California, Texas, and Virginia, proper optimization of the website has been done.

Several strategies have been implemented for Ulrich SEO improvements, like link building, competitive analysis, content strategy, brand name promotion and many more. For conversion rate, we designed landing pages for better online marketing and to convert higher visitors into possible company clients. We followed the best practices for landing page design and optimization that promote products and services to attain set goals.

Where We Are

We have worked on the Ulrich lifestyle website and with our search engine optimization (SEO) and paid ads strategies. We have resolved the issues that can better be understood with good results.
SEO Results

For better SEO results, we have evaluated the top 3 keyword searches on Google from September 2022 to May 2023. The image below shows a significant keyword increase in the top 3 search results. Initially, there were only 12 keywords, whereas now there are 102 keywords that rank among the top 3 search results on Google.

Ulrich’s company visibility and ranking have improved from September 2022 to April 2023. The image below shows that before August 2022, ranking and visibility were 2%. It reached 13% within a month and kept improving till April 2023.

Presently, there is a growth of 15%-18% in the visibility of Ulrich Lifestyle. SEO has remained fruitful in expanding visibility and getting possible attractions for more organic traffic.

Paid Ad Campaigns Results
Let’s have a look towards the growth percentage of Ulrich Lifestyle Paid Campaigns(Google Ads). The image below shows the lead rate and lead quality of different locations.

Let’s compare leads (calls) from March 2022 to March 2023 for different locations. The image below shows Ulrich’s percentage growth for different locations in leads. We have accomplished 154.5% and 100% growth in Tyler, TX and Santa Clarita, CA, respectively.

Final Thoughts
Working together with Adeptimize to enhance Ulrich’s Lifestyle’s online presence and lead generation has been an incredible journey. We faced initial challenges like slow website speed, low conversion rates, and limited visibility in search results. However, by taking a comprehensive approach that included optimizing the website, implementing SEO strategies, running paid ad campaigns, and improving lead quality, we at Adeptimize have achieved significant growth and success.

We’ve witnessed a remarkable increase in keyword rankings, expanded visibility, and a substantial improvement in lead generation across various locations. Our partnership with Ulrich’s Lifestyle has been fruitful, and we remain dedicated to continuous improvement and future growth.